Napurrak, "the shrewd ones", is a sport association that was created in 1974. At first, it took an interest especially in athletics, Basque Strength (Force Basque) and feminine basketball but later, it diversified itself. Nowadays, there are numerous activities such as Basque pelota, hiking and mountain bike riding. Currently, thanks to this diversity, the association has 160 members and 300 persons who take part in its activities.

Napurrak's main activities are :

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Races along Pyrenean Ridges ("la Course des Crêtes") :
Take the best of the marathons of Medoc, Paris, New-York and of those at Sierre, Zinal, Behobia/San Sebastian.
 The organisation of Basque Strength shows throughout Europe :
The Basque Strength events (Force Basque) come from daily works. That's why the Basque Strength has been integrated to a group of sports called "local" sports which have known


The implementation of a modular reception facility :
A functional and evolutionary achievement : this is the conclusion we can give to Napurrak's ...
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